Camino Portugues Coastal Route

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route is the route of the Camino de Santiago that departs from the city of Porto, bordering the northern coast of Portugal. The tour ends at the Cathedral of Santiago, after joining the Camino Portugues Central Route in its final stages.

It is one of the most pleasant pilgrim itineraries because it is largely completed over boardwalks that cross beautiful yellow sandy beaches. Along the way, you can visit numerous seaside and inland villages with a rich architectural heritage, such as Viana do Castelo.

One of the favourite moments of the people who choose the Camino Portugues Coastal Route, to reach Santiago, is the boat crossing of the River Mino. This river crossing allows us to live the experience of crossing the border between Portugal and Spain, just as the ancient pilgrims did.

Afterwards comes the stretch of the Camino Portugues Coastal Route that crosses the impressive Rias Baixas in Galicia. Some of the places you can visit in this part of the tour are the beautiful Baiona, the cities of Vigo and Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, with its Roman baths, or Padron, a town known internationally for its peppers.

The Camino Portugues Coastal Route is 265 kilometres long. The route, if done on foot, can be divided into 12 stages. On each of them, you can enjoy excellent gastronomy and exquisite wines, both Portuguese and Spanish.

This itinerary is the easiest of all pilgrim routes. The places preferred by pilgrims to start the Camino Portugues Coastal Route are Porto and Baiona.

Most popular starting points of the Camino de Santiago Portugues Coastal Route: